Alpine 2020

Source Vapes

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Have a DynaVap? Tired of the pesky torch lighter and inconsistent heat ups? With the Alpine IH 2020 you can change your DynaVap experience by eliminating the torch lighter!

This portable induction heater features everything you need to take your DynaVap experience to a new level, ensuring consistency and true taste every time. Custom designed with a 1000 mAh battery, the Alpine IH 2020 has all the power you need to get a consistent heat up, every single time. One button function makes the Alpine IH 2020 super simple to operate. Click the zinc alloy button once and the heater is ready to go. It provides a fast, 10 second heat up speed, to the DynaVaps second click. Need to cool down your cap? The magnet built into the top, does just that.

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