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The Yocan Cerum Atomizer is Yocan’s take on all-ceramic vaping. Ceramic has always been a staple in vaporizers for its pure and inert properties. Unlike quartz, ceramic can ward off heat better that’s why it can facilitate gradual heating of wax concentrates even when subjected to high-temperature levels. The Yocan Cerum Atomizer was built with an all-ceramic construction with the exception of its heating element. To ensure fast and immediate heating of concentrated materials, the Yocan Cerum was outfitted with a fast heating quartz component although one can use an optional ceramic heating element that can be used for both dry herbs and wax concentrates.

The Yocan Cerum Atomizer uses universal 510 threaded connections making it widely compatible with other box mods and vape pens. You’ll never run out of options on what battery to use with the Cerum Atomizer.

Yocan Cerum Atomizer's suggested wattage is 15-25 watts.

The Yocan Cerum includes the following:
-1 x Yocan Cerum Atomizer
-2 x Quartz Double Rod Atomizer

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