Dabber Stand


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The NoGoo Silicone Dabbers Stand is a must have for any dabber. This stand comes in a fun and unique design and is also available in 4 different color options. This stand can hold a 14mm and 18mm domes, slides, adapters and even has space for nails or a dab tool! This multi functioning stand keeps your tools organized and your workstation clean. Thanks to the sturdy silicone material used in manufacturing you can rest assured no oils will stick to the stand when in use and can even safely hold hot nails!

- Multipurpose Silicone Stand
- Made From FDA Compliant Silicone
- Non Stick Material
- Can Hold 14mm and 18mm Domes, Slides & Adapters
- Space To Rest Dab Tools
- Perfect For Concentrates and Oils

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