How to become a member?

To start earning points, simply make sure to input your mobile number during checkout. Your points will be stored in your account based on the mobile number you indicated. 

To check the amount of loyalty points and available coupons in your account, click on the Lion Labs icon on the lower right side of the website and enter your mobile number. Points will be reflected within forty-eight (48) hours from confirmation of your purchase. 

How are points accumulated?

Loyalty points are earned every time you complete a purchase on the website. When your accumulated points reach a certain amount, you are automatically rewarded different coupons that can be used at anytime during checkout. Points are computed at one (1) loyalty point for every one (1) peso spent.

What type of coupons can I get? 

Please note that coupons are AUTOMATICALLY rewarded to the customer upon reaching a certain amount of points. 

Total Loyalty Points Earned Coupon Awarded
10,000 Php100.00 off
15,000 Free Shipping
25,000 Php250.00 off
50,000 Php500.00 off
75,000 Php750.00 off
100,000 Php1,000.00 off


How do I use my available coupons?

Click on the Lion Labs icon on the lower right side of the website and input your mobile number. Click on the "use" button for the specific coupon you would like to use. This coupon will be automatically applied to your shopping cart during checkout.