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Welcome to the new high

A shark out of water. Inspired by the Mako shark, KØL Pipe cools and filters smoke before it reaches your mouth so it’s easier to inhale. Made from two parts of aluminum that clip together magnetically, the pipe is durable, sustainable and easy to clean.

Think of KØL like your very own set of gills, filtering for a cleaner and smoother experience, meaning less coughing at the time and in the long term. Cool right?

Dimensions Large - Length: 150 mm / 5.9”

Dimensions MINI -Length: 113 mm / 4.4”

Ergonomic design
Magnetic assembly
Hassle-free cleaning
Thermo-conductive cooling
Vortex cooling
Filtering technology
Anodized, recyclable aluminum
Stainless steel filter
Rare-Earth magnets

Meaning “high” in Danish, HØJ reflects everything we want to achieve; higher quality products, higher production standards and higher experiences.

This is our purpose and we are crafting a radically better herbal journey around it.

 HØJ exists to change the way we experience the herb, creating magical products that transform the user experience at every stage: as the herb is grown, prepared, enjoyed and learnt about.

As we pursue this and our story unfolds, we know a lot will undoubtedly change but, one thing we can promise won’t, is our values. They guide everything we do and we hope you feel them each time you use our products.

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