MouthPeace Mini Filter Refill Box

MouthPeace Mini Filter Refill Box

Moose Labs

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By preventing the spread of germs and providing the cleanest smoking experience possible, the MouthPeace Mini is quickly changing the way people enjoy joints & blunts.

This 10-pack of replacement triple-layer activated carbon filters go inside the MouthPeace Mini and work to sanitize your smoke by removing resins, toxins, and tar, without reducing airflow. By removing all this harsh material, the Mouthpeace Mini also provides enhanced flavors from your herbs.

Replacing the filters is fast and easy. Using the no-touch design, eject your old filter by pushing it up and out with your thumb from the side of the MouthPeace Mini. Each of these replacement filter rolls contains 10 filters for you to replace as needed for optimal performance.

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