Stash Jar


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Our custom jars are created using a combination of a glass machine press and human manipulation to ensure perfect proportions in order for all of the parts to fit together properly.  We chose the size and shape of the jar to mirror the size and shape of your cargo. A must have item for home or on the go. This 100% odor proof, airtight, waterproof, ultra-durable glass stash jar is wrapped head to toe in soft protective rubber.

We manufactured a great size jar at just over 4.5" tall (116mm) and just over 1.75" wide (47mm) and had it made with extra thick 3.0mm glass. We then wrapped the entire thing in 2.5mm flexible rubber to keep your cargo safe. They are clearly the most durable glass stash and storage jars on the market. The soft rubber cap slides into a tight fit on the glass creating a very tight seal. Fits in your pocket or purse and a lets you take your your stash anywhere while remaining UNDURCUVUR.

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