Stonito Storage Jar - Cherry Wood


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  • Mouth-blown smoked glass
  • Air-sealed
  • Wooden lid made of Cherry Wood
  • Traditionally made
  • The glass fits with Stona grinders (same size) 

Glass Art

The glass work on all our grinders and storage jars are made by Master European craftsmen who use timeless methods to create sophisticated designs. During the glass blowing process, distinctive features are breathed into each piece. No two fabrications look exactly alike. We believe that these unique characteristics in shape, color and tiny bubbles add soul and character to our smoked glass.

Tip: We recommend choosing the same wood both for the grinder and storage jars.

Max. diameter
Ø 85 mm ( 3 3/8 ")
Height 85 mm ( 3 3/8 ")
400 gr. (0,9 lb)
Capacity jar*
80 ml. (2,7 fl. oz.)  

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